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Steve Scalise, Steny Hoyer and 15 other lawmakers want to help you have a civil Thanksgiving dinner


Seventeen lawmakers taped heartfelt video messages reflecting on what glues us together as Americans — including the two House members whose job it is to keep their own party united against the opposition.

House approves ‘right-to-try’ bill giving seriously ill patients access to experimental drugs

Opponents argued the bill would allow bad actors to exploit vulnerable patients using treatments...
The Washington Post (Politics) | 07:20, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Trump’s attorneys say they will appeal while women’s rights lawyers raise money for the president’s accusers

A day after a New York judge allows a defamation case against Trump to move forward, attorneys...
The Washington Post (Politics) | 07:20, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Cambridge Analytica CEO’s claim about ties to Trump’s campaign raises questions

Alexander Nix, suspended by firm, told The Post in 2016 that he was not allowed to advise Trump...
The Washington Post (Politics) | 04:20, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Republican Rick Saccone concedes defeat to Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania special election

Lamb could be sworn in next month after the tight race in the district Trump won by 20 points.
The Washington Post (Politics) | 04:20, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Not every marquee college star exited NCAA Tournament early

The stunning opening weekend saw many big names depart the NCAA Tournament, from hot-shot...
New York Post | 03:32, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Inside Trump’s snow day: A flurry of doubts over spending bill, then a truce

Congressional leaders trekked to the White House to reassure a skeptical president. 
The Washington Post (Politics) | 03:20, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

‘Elected to lead, not to proofread’: Typos, spelling mistakes are commonplace in Trump’s White House

Among the many casualties of Washington’s protocols in the Trump era has been a lack of rigor to...
The Washington Post (Politics) | 03:20, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Outro miliciano de CPI na qual Marielle Franco trabalhou esteve na Câmara – horas antes do crime

EXCLUSIVO: A polícia agora quer descobrir em que carro ele chegou à Câmara – e ver se é um dos...
The Intercept | 03:17, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe