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Frosty start to US-China talks on North Korea


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Beijing to brief China about his North Korea trip.

Lennox Lewis: Anthony Joshua’s bad decisions cost him Deontay Wilder undisputed showdown

ANTHONY JOSHUA cannot cry over his missed undisputed shot at Deontay Wilder after bad decisions...
The Sun | 19:48, 15 February 2019 Friday

Trump's most senior Middle East general says ISIS is NOT defeated

Gen. Joseph Votel, an Army four-star who heads U.S. Central Command, says ISIS has not yet been...
Mail Online | 19:49, 15 February 2019 Friday

Police hunt Italian
Police hunt Italian Job-style raiders who used car to smash into shopping centre

Rather than red, white and blue minis, the real-life criminals used a black hatchback
The Independent | 19:31, 15 February 2019 Friday

Trump is bullyingly
Trump is bullyingly brilliant at getting what he wants. Democrats need to wake up if they want to win in 2020

Trump's rival in 2020 has to show they'll fight as hard as he does
The Independent | 19:32, 15 February 2019 Friday

RAF advert that
RAF advert that challenges sexist advertising to debut on Channel 4

Research for campaign reveals women are often portrayed in stereotypical and derogatory ways
The Independent | 14:16, 15 February 2019 Friday

Mark Wright returns to UK to live with Michelle Keegan and leaves US show Extra

MARK WRIGHT has officially returned to the UK to live full-time with his wife Michelle Keegan....
The Sun | 19:30, 15 February 2019 Friday

WWE legend The Undertaker has ‘retired as a wrestler’ with no WrestleMania return planned

WWE legend The Undertaker has reportedly “retired as a wrestler”. The Dead Man had wrestling fans...
The Sun | 19:34, 15 February 2019 Friday