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China's Development Managed to Change Entire Global Economy - IMF Chief


SHANGHAI, CHINA (Sputnik) - China's economic development has changed not only the internal life in the country, but the entire global economy, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde stated at the opening of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.

Boeing Receives $4 Bln Military Contract Despite Global 737 MAX Grounding

The American aviation company has recently been immersed in a scandal after the crash of two 737...
Sputnik (English) | 18:41, 21 March 2019 Thursday

Facebook Admits Keeping Passwords of Millions of Users Without Encryption

The social media giant previously came under fire when it turned out that companies like...
Sputnik (English) | 18:45, 21 March 2019 Thursday

Iran's Supreme Leader Slams Saudi Arabia as "Despotic, Tyrannical Regime"

Riyadh broke off diplomatic relations with Tehran in 2016 after its diplomatic facilities were...
Sputnik (English) | 18:10, 21 March 2019 Thursday

Toughest US Sanctions Against Venezuela 'Yet to Come' - Bolton

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States has yet to impose its toughest sanctions against the...
Sputnik (English) | 18:11, 21 March 2019 Thursday

EU Ready to Allow Brexit Delay Only Until May 22 - Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The European Council is ready to agree on an extension of Brexit only until...
Sputnik (English) | 17:44, 21 March 2019 Thursday

UK Business Lobby Group, Trade Unions Urge May to Change Brexit Approach

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the UK Trades Union Congress...
Sputnik (English) | 18:03, 21 March 2019 Thursday

US Issues New Sanctions on North Korea Shotly After Unsuccessful Trump-Kim Talks

The new sanctions have followed a meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean...
Sputnik (English) | 17:46, 21 March 2019 Thursday