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YouTube nursery-rhyme channel with billions of views sold


The Little Baby Bum channel has racked up more than 17.5 billion views.

Estonia is using
Estonia is using alternative music to challenge Russian propaganda

The former eastern bloc nation is lavishing money on the arts in border regions susceptible to...
The Independent | 14:01, 17 January 2019 Thursday

NHS not sustainable
NHS not sustainable and Theresa May's £20.5bn funding pledge won't fix it, NAO warns

Auditors confirm 'worst fears' that NHS plan will fall flat without solution to staff and social...
The Independent | 00:05, 18 January 2019 Friday

Prisoner vehicles boost Penman's prospects

The business - bought out of administration more than two years ago - enjoys a "great start" to...
BBC (Scotland) | 00:02, 18 January 2019 Friday

Edinburgh enjoys property market boost in last quarter

More homes came on to the market at the end of the year, making it the strongest quarter since...
BBC (Scotland) | 00:02, 18 January 2019 Friday

Police plan dig in hunt for Mary Duncan missing 43 years

Detectives plan to excavate land in the search for a young mum who vanished almost 43 years ago,...
BBC (Scotland) | 00:02, 18 January 2019 Friday

Wakefield, Grimsby, Plymouth win share of £20m culture fund

Five areas in England will benefit from a new Cultural Development Fund to boost local culture.
BBC (Entertainment & Arts) | 00:00, 18 January 2019 Friday

'My son's severe asthma is very distressing'

Every three seconds in the UK, someone has an asthma attack which could be life-threatening, a...
BBC (UK Health) | 00:00, 18 January 2019 Friday