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US Team to Visit Turkey to 'Express Specific Concerns' Over S-400 Deal - Reports


Washington has been pressuring Ankara to abandon its purchase of Russian S-400 air defence systems for months, promising to sell it the Patriot missile system instead, and threatening to block the delivery of the F-35 fifth-gen fighter jets if Turkey goes forward with its deal with Russia.

WATCH Swaying Inside Viking Sky Cruise Ship in Storm off Norway

Passengers aboard a Viking Sky cruise liner that lost steam near the western shore of Norway,...
Sputnik (English) | 05:50, 24 March 2019 Sunday

Stampede at Disneyland Paris as Visitors Mistake 'Loud Noises' for Gunfire

Visitors to Disneyland Paris mistook the suspicious noises made by broken escalator for gunshots...
Sputnik (English) | 05:25, 24 March 2019 Sunday

Pakistan Deploys Chinese-Made Air Defences Near India’s Border – Report

On Saturday, Pakistani President Arif Alvi chastised India for having what he described as an...
Sputnik (English) | 05:40, 24 March 2019 Sunday

If It Fits, Duck Sits: Birdie Accommodates Itself to Golden Retriever's Head

A little yellow duckling is seen sitting on a friendly golden retriever's head, and the bird...
Sputnik (English) | 05:30, 24 March 2019 Sunday

NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia: History of the Conflict

NATO's operations began on March 24, 1999, and ended on June 10. The Serbian government estimates...
Sputnik (English) | 05:00, 24 March 2019 Sunday

Another Ship Stranded Off Norwegian Coast After Engine Stalls in Storm (PHOTOS)

MURMANSK (Sputnik) - A cargo ship suffered engine problems late on Saturday while sailing close...
Sputnik (English) | 04:20, 24 March 2019 Sunday

FAA Approves Fixes for Boeing 737 MAX Software – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved major software fixes...
Sputnik (English) | 04:28, 24 March 2019 Sunday

Eurozone Faces Heightened Recession Worries Amid Weak Manufacturing PMIs

An ongoing contraction in manufacturing across the Eurozone is stirring concerns regarding a...
Sputnik (English) | 04:23, 24 March 2019 Sunday