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Trump-Loving Rider Calls Driver Bigot After Request to Play Music Denied (VIDEO)


New Yorker Robert Ortiz was in a Lyft rideshare with friends last week when he made the abrupt decision to launch a verbal assault against driver Shaun Pepas Lettman because his request to play music was denied.

Migrant Caravan Moving Toward US Border Swells to 5000

Guatemala's migration agency confirmed that an additional 1,000 migrants crossed the border from...
Sputnik (English) | 02:25, 22 October 2018 Monday

Israel Arrests Palestinian Jerusalem Governor, Intelligence Chief - Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Israeli security forces arrested Palestinian Authority's (PA) Jerusalem...
Sputnik (English) | 02:08, 22 October 2018 Monday

Any Attack on Belarus to Be Viewed as Attack on Russia, Says Russian Ambassador

MINSK (Sputnik) – Moscow will regard any foreign aggression against Belarus as an attack on...
Sputnik (English) | 01:51, 22 October 2018 Monday

Trump Approval Rating Excels Obama’s Midterm Rating in 2010, Poll Reveals

US President Donald Trump’s approval rating prior to the November 2018 midterm elections exceeds...
Sputnik (English) | 01:34, 22 October 2018 Monday

Brazil's Bolsonaro Plans to 'Put Armed Forces in the Streets' to Fight Violence

Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro said that he would like to use armed forces for...
Sputnik (English) | 01:18, 22 October 2018 Monday

Trump’s New South Africa Ambassador a Mar-a-Lago Member, Handbag Queen

US President Donald Trump may soon nominate couture handbag designer Lana Marks to become...
Sputnik (English) | 00:02, 22 October 2018 Monday

Car Accident in Northern Greece Leaves 13 People Injured – Reports

ATHENS (Sputnik) – A car accident occurred in northern Greece leaving 13 people, including 12...
Sputnik (English) | 23:51, 21 October 2018 Sunday

Merkel: Berlin May Halt Weapon Sales to Riyadh Over Khashoggi’s Death

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it would be “impossible” to continue arms exports to Saudi...
Sputnik (English) | 23:14, 21 October 2018 Sunday