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Snapchat down: Messaging service not working for users across Britain

Messaging app Snapchat is down across Britain, with many users reporting the app keeps crashing.

Ian Austin: Labour
Ian Austin: Labour MP quits in protest over antisemitism in 'broken' party

Labour MP Ian Austin has become the latest MP to quit his "broken" party in protest at the...
The Independent | 09:08, 22 February 2019 Friday

'Trump Place' sign to be removed from New York building after property 'decreases in value'

Buildings with Trump sign once commanded premium over other Manhattan buildings but now sell for...
The Independent | 09:11, 22 February 2019 Friday

Pulwama attack: India government must protect Kashmiris - top court

Kashmiris have been attacked after a bombing killed Indian forces in Indian-administered Kashmir.
BBC (Asia) | 09:15, 22 February 2019 Friday

Labour MP Ian Austin becomes ninth to quit saying he’s ‘ashamed’ of party under Corbyn

ANOTHER Labour MP today quit the party in protest against Jeremy Corbyn. Ian Austin resigned from...
The Sun | 09:06, 22 February 2019 Friday

Khloe Kardashian got text from Jordyn Woods confessing to her affair with Tristan Thompson – who she has been seeing for A MONTH

KHLOE Kardashian reportedly received a text from Jordyn Woods admitting to her affair with...
The Sun | 09:18, 22 February 2019 Friday

Labour MP Ian Austin QUITS: Corbyn's party is 'BROKEN'

IAN Austin has become the eighth Labour MP to quit the party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn.
Daily Express | 09:07, 22 February 2019 Friday

‘Lives are hanging on the line’: Kenya halts landmark ruling on gay rights

Decision prompts anger as high court asks for more time to consider evidenceJudges in Kenya have...
The Guardian | 08:23, 22 February 2019 Friday

Dozens of Tory MPs ready to block no-deal Brexit, May warned

Andrew Percy tells PM that moderate leavers are prepared to vote against governmentDozens of...
The Guardian | 09:00, 22 February 2019 Friday