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Rams-Cowboys proof demise of RBs is greatly exaggerated


LOS ANGELES — There were rumors going around the NFL in recent years that running backs weren’t that valuable in today’s era of spread offenses and pass-happy schemes. We heard some of that discussion when the Giants selected Saquon Barkley, instead of a quarterback, in the first round of the 2018 draft. Those who still...

TV news anchor accused of assaulting pregnant woman

A television news anchor in Florida was arrested for assaulting a pregnant woman at his home over...
New York Post | 13:30, 26 March 2019 Tuesday

Kehlani gives birth to daughter at home

“Unmedicated home birth was the absolute hardest yet most powerful thing I’ve ever done,” she added.
New York Post | 13:31, 26 March 2019 Tuesday

Jacob deGrom, Mets agree to five-year, $137.5 million extension

Jacob deGrom and the New York Mets agreed to a five-year, $137.5 million extension....
USA TODAY (Sports) | 13:21, 26 March 2019 Tuesday

Morning Briefing:
Morning Briefing: Technology can be a wonderful thing - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Kentucky senior Jonny David smiles as the crowd chants his name late in the second half of an...
America News (Florida) | 12:39, 26 March 2019 Tuesday

Italian island for sale, costing less than a Bay Area home

Italian island for sale, costing less than a Bay Area home The Mercury News Isola delle Femmine,...
America News (Florida) | 12:44, 26 March 2019 Tuesday

26 photos that make Russians nostalgic for the 1980s

History March 26 2019 Nikolay ShevchenkoVladimir Vyatkin/Sputnik These were the final years of...
America News (Florida) | 12:55, 26 March 2019 Tuesday

Suspect Leads Officers on High-Speed Chase from North Sacramento to Vacaville - FOX40

Following a high-speed police chase that started in North Sacramento, officers arrested a suspect...
America News (Florida) | 12:58, 26 March 2019 Tuesday

Apple powers up its
Apple powers up its Hollywood moves

CUPERTINO, Calif. - The contours of Apple's much-anticipated Hollywood plans took shape...
America News (Californiya) | 13:08, 26 March 2019 Tuesday