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It's increasingly hard to believe that the Trump Tower meeting wasn't common knowledge

New details strongly suggest that Trump Jr. was not the only person who knew what was being offered in that meeting.

Ele está por trás da maior ‘operação antifraude’ das urnas. Mas frauda o próprio currículo.

Operação Antifraude quer embasar a contestação do resultado das urnas – mas só se Bolsonaro...
The Intercept | 08:30, 17 October 2018 Wednesday

Water pollution in Iraq threatens Mandaean religious rites

Iraq's soaring water pollution is threatening the religious rites of its tight-knit Mandaean...
ABC News (World) | 06:40, 17 October 2018 Wednesday

Taliban warn teachers, students to avoid Afghan polls

In recent years the Taliban have carried out near-daily attacks.
ABC News (World) | 08:00, 17 October 2018 Wednesday

Manny Machado not worth the trouble for the Yankees

LOS ANGELES — Manny Machado’s free agency isn’t exactly getting off on the right foot. There...
New York Post | 08:13, 17 October 2018 Wednesday

Vonn's historic quest, Shiffrin's time to shine?

Snow is falling. Mountains are transforming into winter playgrounds. And the world's best ski...
CNN - World Sport | 07:51, 17 October 2018 Wednesday

new-zealand-politician-taped-calling-his-lawmaker-‘f- -king-useless’
New Zealand politician taped calling his lawmaker ‘f- -king useless’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand’s opposition leader has been secretly recorded...
New York Post | 07:59, 17 October 2018 Wednesday

Woman accused of drugging child to pass urine test

RADFORD, Va. — A Virginia woman is accused of giving her boyfriend’s 10-year-old son an...
New York Post | 08:01, 17 October 2018 Wednesday

Memory raises $5M to bring AI to time tracking

Memory, a startup out of Norway and maker of time tracking app Timely, has raised $5 million in...
TechCrunch | 08:00, 17 October 2018 Wednesday