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Anti-Semitic acts rise in France amid violent protests


Portraits of a Holocaust survivor stained with swastikas. A memorial in honor of a Jewish man vandalized. A bagel shop with the German word "Juden" sprayed on its front window. These are just a few of...Click To Continue

Letters: Pay
Letters: Pay hospital staff like MPs

TWICE in less than a fortnight I have fronted at the Whanganui Hospital, terrifyingly short of...
New Zealand Herald (Health) | 05:02, 22 April 2019 Monday

Armed Woman Threatening to Blow Up Church Detained in California

In the wake of the deadly attacks that hit churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, a woman, holding a...
Sputnik (English) | 05:18, 22 April 2019 Monday

Olympic gold medallist Etienne Stott arrested in Extinction Rebellion protest

OLYMPIC gold medallist Etienne Stott was one of the eco-warriors arrested on Waterloo Bridge last...
The Sun | 05:12, 22 April 2019 Monday

Brexit PLOT: Theresa May forced to ABANDON Cabinet reshuffle plans due to Brexit delay

THERESA MAY has had to abandon plans for a Cabinet reshuffle due to the Brexit delay.
Daily Express | 05:01, 22 April 2019 Monday

Sri Lanka Easter Sunday massacre: Death toll RISES to 290 with over 500 injured

THE death toll of the horrific Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka has risen to 290 people.
Daily Express | 05:00, 22 April 2019 Monday

Yacht stranded at Auckland's Takapuna Beach

Shells and seaweed weren't the only things to drift ashore Auckland's Takapuna Beach today - an...
New Zealand Herald (National) | 03:59, 22 April 2019 Monday

'This is a serious offence to our beautiful town': Vandals in Huntly destroy Anzac Day memorial crosses

Dozens of memorial Anzac Day crosses have been destroyed in Huntly over the Easter weekend by a...
New Zealand Herald (National) | 04:23, 22 April 2019 Monday