(DF) 75 Kg of Cocaine Found in Bourgas

August 17 (BTA) - Seventy-five kilograms of cocaine worth over 5 million leva were found in a warehouse for fruit and vegetables in Bourgas. The drugs were hidden in cardboard boxes with bananas, prosecutor Georgi Chinev told a news briefing on Saturday. The cocain was found by accident as workers began unloading the fruit. The boxes had arrived by ship from Ecuador through Italy. They reached the Port of Bourgas on July 27. Two days later 19 containers with 20,626 banana boxes were unloaded from the ship and on July 22 they arrived at the warehouse. The recipient was a Bulgarian company. The cocain was put in 2.5 kg packs hidden in a way that only bananas showed when the boxes were opened. Also, it was covered with metal foil, probably to conceal it from X-ray scanners. An expert analysis is yet to establish the purity of the cocaine. It transired at the news conference that an unspecified number of boxes with bananas have already been sold in neighbouring Romania. DS/LN/ //